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In the last couple of months we started upgrading our existing customers to our new, improved QUEUE Cloud solution for iOS, Android and Web. We'd like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the improvements and new features below.

What is QUEUE Cloud?

QUEUE Cloud is completely new version of our software solution build from the ground up to make it faster, more stable and allow even more new exciting functionality.

As a user you can enjoy our new optimised interface for mobile, tablet and web, and as a new feature we also support running QUEUE in a browser giving you even more flexibility when utilising your existing hardware.

What's new in QUEUE Cloud

Ocard integration

Full Ocard API integration allows your staff to connect an Ocard customer to an order, apply discount or coupons without the need for a separate tablet. All Ocard orders are automatically synchronised with Ocard allowing for new customer loyalty opportunities.

Line pay integration

It's now possible to complete a Line payment directly from QUEUE. Simply scan the user provided QR code and the system will take of the rest. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors at checkout.

Taishin payment terminal integration

Card and wallet payments are now supported with the Taishin payment terminal. Together with regular card payment, wallet payments like Line pay, JKO and Taiwan pay can also be enabled.

Self ordering functionality

We allow multiple new self ordering options

  • Dynamic QR codes
  • Static QR codes
  • Online ordering

Dynamic QR codes

For order section orders a dynamic QR can be printed and handed to the customers when they arrive. From a mobile device customers are able to order items that, after confirmed by the staff, will appear in the order cart.

Static QR codes

For each order section it's possible to generate and download a QR code from QUEUE that can be placed on each table or sitting areas. When a customer scans this QR code it will allow the customer to create or add to an existing order on that order section. Users are validated either by their phone number or Apple/Google sign in to ensure maximum security.

External scanner improvements

Connect an USB or bluetooth scanner to QUEUE and we automatically handle scan requests, for example, when scanning a customers carrier id or a Line pay QR code. We of course still support camera scanning and manual input, but a dedicated scanner is a faster and more precise solution for many.

Variant quantity on hands

Keep track of how many product variants you have on hand. Specify the current quantity, and QUEUE will automatically keep track of how many variants are available even across multiple devices. If you reach zero quantity your staff will know and avoid accidentally selling out of stock items.

Discount templates

Set up predefined discount templates to quickly apply a discount - either a specific amount or percentage. This not only speed up the check out process, but also enable more comprehensive discount specific reporting.

Order tags

An order can now be tagged with one or more Order tags. This not only improves the reporting capabilities, but also allows setting up printing rules based on tags. If, for example, you only want to print specific item labels for delivery orders, but not for your regular dine in orders, this can be achieved with order tags.

Custom reports

We understand that different businesses have different reporting needs. We aim to provide comprehensive reports for most used cases, and have always provided a dedicated reporting API for our customers. But sometimes there are sudden dimensions of your data that you'd like to explore in more details directly from QUEUE. This is where the new Custom report builder can help. Specify and given dimensions, measurements and time range and a custom report, real-time will be generated and made available for reviewing or downloading as an Excel sheet.

Group/chain management

For users with multiple locations it can often be hard to keep the menu in sync across all your outlets. With out new group admin functionality, a menu, or part of the menu, can be shared across all your outlets making sure your menu is always correct and up to date.

This also allows important improvements on a group reporting level, as sales between different outlets can be compared directly.

Order time limit indicator

If you have a maximum order time limit you'd appreciate the ability to specify an order time limit in minutes. If the order limit has been reach, the system will indicate this allowing you to more quickly take action.

Consolidate payment

Allow your customers to postpone payment until it's convenient. With consolidate payment customers can close their bills, ensure precise and timely reporting, and settle their outstanding balance at a later time. A customer's account balance is available in real-time and rules can be specified so a customer's balance does not go under a sudden threshold.

Item availability

It's important to keep your menu item availability up to date - especially when integrating with one or more external platforms like Uber Eats or Foodpanda. With QUEUE it's easier than ever to mark an item as unavailable across all menus and partner platforms from one single location - reducing the time needed to mark an item unavailable in multiple locations.

Web support

The full QUEUE Cloud experience is now also available in the browser. Not only does this make reviewing reporting and updating easier, but it also some functionality like KDS to run on Windows based systems. We keep the app and web version in sync, so you'll also have the same functionality on both.

How do I upgrade?

We are currently upgrading existing users to QUEUE Cloud in batched. If you're interested in any of the above functionality, please reach out to your customer success specialist and we can prioritise your upgrade schedule.

Questions or feedback

We love to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Administration for Digital Industries, MODA introduces TCloud Marketplace Subsidy Project. Small, medium, and micro-enterprises using cloud solutions may be qualified to apply for a maximum NTD $30,000 of Tcloud subsidy.

Steps for buying a QUEUE plan from the TCloud Marketplace

Step 1 Confirm application requirements

  • Business registration or Taxation registration complying with the "Standards for Identifying Small and Medium-sized Enterprises".
  • No major violations in executing government projects in the past 3 years.
  • No violations of laws and regulations relevant to environmental protection, labor, food safety and hygiene, or the protection of rights and interests of mentally and physically disabled persons, and no violations with specific objectives which are considered serious by the competent authorities.
  • Not a branch established by Chinese-invested enterprises or foreign businesses in Taiwan, and not a branch of Taiwanese enterprises.
  • Enterprises not already receiving the following government subsidies or guidance projects:
    1. "Subsidy Program for Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Stores" organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    2. "Mobile Smart Application Project for Small and Medium Enterprises" organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    3. Enterprises verified by the promotion concept of "Digital Growth Project for Succession and Inheritance of Small and Medium Enterprises" organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    4. Other relevant digital transformation projects for cloud-generation industries.

Step 2 This to prepare before applying for subsidies

  • "MOEACA ID card" or "Citizen Digital Certificate"
  • Registration on TCloud Marketplace’s website

Step 3 Choose a plan

  • QUEUEPOS-系統正常版$11900/year, only $5.950 with subsidy:QUEUE POS PRO Version
  • QUEUE POS A-系統含開立發票功能 $22.000/year, only $11.000 with subsidy:QUEUE POS PRO Version (E-Invoice)
  • QUEUE POS B-系統含開立發票功能 + Uber Eats 外送平台整合 $24.400/year, only $12.200 with subsidy:QUEUE POS PRO Version (E-Invoice) including one Uber Eats API integration
  • QUEUE POS C-系統含開立發票功能 + Uber Eats & Foodpanda 外送平台整合 $31.600/year, only $15800 with subsidy:QUEUE POS PRO Version (E-Invoice) including 1 Uber Eats and one Foodpanda API integration
  • QUEUE POS D-系統雲端廚房版 $47.600/year, only $23.800 with subsidy:QUEUE POS Cloud center Version (E-Invoice) including one Uber Eats and one Foodpanda API integration

For more information, please visit: Application Guidelines for SME (link)

TCloud Marketplace Project Subsidy

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We have been hard at work to prepare you a new, exciting version of QUEUE. Among the usual performance and usability improvements, we’re also excited to share a few highlights:

Foodpanda and Uber Eats integration is now widely available. This means that you can manage your menu, availability and handle all your incoming orders directly from QUEUE. No need to run separate tablets or key in the orders manually.

We have designed the integration to work with both single and multiple brands setups. In other words, you can run any combination of platform and brands from your phone or tablet.

A few feature highlights

  • Full menu integration - create your menu once and synchronize directly with Foodpanda and Uber Eats
  • Incoming orders are shown directly on your device.
  • Accept or decline orders directly from QUEUE
  • Brand availability status can be changed individually for each brand directly from QUEUE

The new version is expected to roll out next week. As always, please make sure all your connected devices are updated to avoid any compatibility issues.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in learning more.

Application flow

1. Integrate one or more brands

Fill out the integration application online (link) and we'll get back to you with confirmation as soon as you are ready to start the integration.

2. Setup your menus in QUEUE

Set up your menu either directly through your device or through the web admin interface. You can specify specific translations and availability for all aspects of your menu from categories, products to variant levels.

Menu setup

3.A Connect your Uber Eats brands with QUEUE

Visit QUEUE Admin and chose External Platforms -> Uber Stores. Press Connect and select the brands that you want to connect to QUEUE.

Connect Uber Eats

3.B Connect your Foodpanda brands with QUEUE

Provide your customer success contact with the vendor codes provided by Foodpanda. We will setup the connection and notify Foodpanda to setup the integration in their end.

4. Setup your Brands

Create a new QUEUE Brand menu and map it to your Uber Eats and/or Foodpanda brands. Specify the menu availability hours and chose what QUEUE menu categories should be included in the Brand menu.

5. Synchronize your menus

You are now ready to synchronize your menus. When pressing the Sync Menu button, your menu will automatically be synchronized to Uber Eats and/or Foodpanda.

Sync menu

Handle incoming orders

All incoming orders will appear directly in QUEUE. You can turn on notifications on a device level if you want an audible alert when new orders have arrived. Brands can be turned on and off individually, and you have the option to automatically accept all incoming orders.


Any questions or feedback, please reach out to us on