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1. Is LinePay and JKO pay integration available?

LinePay and JKO pay integration is not available at the moment.

However it is recommended to create payment types to keep record for each transactions using special payments.

2. Payment Station

How to set up different payment stations on each floor?

Please go to Settings > Printing > Printers and select a printer as your default invoice printer. All invoices will be printed out from this printer.

If there is a cashier on a separate floor, please use another phone/tablet to receive payments, and set up a payment station on this devise. Please go to Settings > Devices > Select the device with a Star sign > toggle on Payment Station > Select a printer accordingly. When set up is complete, invoices will print out from this printer if payments are received from designated payment station.

Payment station

3. Change payment type to a completed order.

How do I change payment types to completed orders?

First, please make sure that you are permitted to change payment types.

Please go to Settings > Store Details > Orders > Toggle on Allow change of payment type for completed orders > Save

Then go to left sidebar > Orders > Select an order > tap on the Pen icon next to payment type > Select desired payment type to change > Confirm


Changes after Closing will not affect the closing report. You can only review the correct payment type in reporting.

4. Adjustment after closing

I found a mistake in one of the orders and made some changes to it after closing. Can I make adjustment to the numbers on closing report? Closing report is not adjustable after closing if completed. This is to avoid someone change the result purposely. If the order was voided, please check your revenue report for teh correct data.

5. Print tickets from different work areas.

Can I control beverages to only be printed out from bar printer?

Yes, once you set the bar as a Work List you can print out tickets with items that are only related to the bar area.

Please go to Settings > Work Lists > + New Worklist > Enter name (e.g. Bar) and select a designated printer > Save. Once the setting of Work List is complete, please edit in menu setting and link a category or product to desired Work List. For more detailed information please visit (

6. Checklist printing

How do I set up to print out checklists?

Please go to Settings > Printing > Checklist > Toggle on Activated > Save

Go to Printers tab on top of the page > Select a desired printer > toggle on default checklist printer

7. Combo and product options

Can product option apply to combos?

No, only single items can link with productions.

Combos are set meals and need to pair with combo variants for customers to choose from. A fool-proof mechanism can be set up if necessary.

At the moment only one of the functions can be applied to a product. Once combo is set up, product option will not be available.

8. Multiple combos limits

I have multiple combo groups setup in a combo meal. How should I organize the menu if I want to allow only one of them available for selecting?

At Least or At Most is only applicable to the items in the combo group that's being configured. It does not restrict the quantities of combo variants from other combo groups. If you wish to allow only 1 variant out of all combo groups to be selected, please add all the selections into the one combo group as combo variants and name them differently.

For example, there are 2 set meal combinations in a Hot Pot combo. The first one is Meat meal with selections of A, B anc C; the second one is Veggie meal, also containing the selections of A, B and C. Total of 6 choices but customers can only choose from one of them. In this case, the set up will look like this: Create a combo group, with 6 combos as Meat meal A, Meat meal B, Meat meal C, Veggie meal A, Veggie meal B and Veggie meal C.

9. Upload item photos

How to upload item photos?

Item photos must be uploaded via [Admin] ( and go to Menu > Products > select the product you want to upload photos to > select the Pen icon correspoding to this product > toggle on Custome Image and upload the product's picture > Save

upload product picture