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The ratio is 5:1.

There is no limitation on pixel.

2. Upload product pictures

How to upload product pictures?

Product pictures can only be modified on web Admin. Please log in to Admin. On the left sidebar select Menu > Products > Select a product > select the Pen icon to enter the edit page > toggle on Custome Image and upload picture > Save

upload product picture

3. Product picture ratio

What is the ratio for product pictures?


4. Combo and product option

Can product options apply to combos?

No, product options can only apply to stand-alone products. Combos varients must be included in combos in order to execute tickets properly. Combos provide different selections for customers. There is even fool-prove design for selections that must be chose. Product options indicate customizaiton options for an item. For example ice level and sugar level. At the moment only one of the two function can be selected.

8. Multiple combos limits

I have multiple combo groups setup in a combo meal. How should I organize the menu if I want to allow only one of them available for selecting?

At Least or At Most is only applicable to the items in the combo group that's being configured. It does not restrict the quantities of combo variants from other combo groups. If you wish to allow only 1 variant out of all combo groups to be selected, please add all the selections into the one combo group as combo variants and name them differently.

For example, there are 2 set meal combinations in a Hot Pot combo. The first one is Meat meal with selections of A, B anc C; the second one is Veggie meal, also containing the selections of A, B and C. Total of 6 choices but customers can only choose from one of them. In this case, the set up will look like this: Create a combo group, with 6 combos as Meat meal A, Meat meal B, Meat meal C, Veggie meal A, Veggie meal B and Veggie meal C.