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Setup combo items

A combo item is a common approach to bundle one or more items together in a single meal. Combo can be created either by using QUEUE APP or the web admin

1. Create the necessary product/variant

You can either reuse existing product variants or create new ones. If the items in your combo are not going to be sold as stand-alone items, you can create a dedicated category and hide it from the POS. If you are not familiar with the operation, please refer to Menu setting tutorial.

2. Create a combo variant

Create a product variant as you normally would and assign a price, which will become the base price of the combo.

  1. Select the variant you want to convert into a combo item. In the variant form choose Combo Item
  2. Create a combo group by pressing + ADD COMBO GROUP
  3. Name the combo group, for example, Appetizer
  4. Decide the minimum and maximum number of items that can be created in the combo group
  5. Press + VARIANTS and chose all selectable variants

It is recommended to set up through QUEUE APP so that multiple varients can be added at once. This is not possible if using web admin.

  1. Specify a price (if any) for each selectable variant
  2. Use the arrow indicator next to the variant name to rearrange the order
  3. Press save

Combos will not be recognized as a stand-alone item once it's set up. If there are no combo varients designated, it will not be able to print out on worklists.

Congratulations. You have created a combo item with a combo group. You can add additional combo groups or modify the existing combo item by revisiting the combo variant.