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Closing reporting

QUEUE POS support two types of closing reporting types.

  1. Partial closing

A partial closing lets you perform closing without having to complete all open orders. This closing type is useful when performing a half-day closing. Incremental order number and work item numbers are not reset when performing partial closing.

  1. Full closing

In order to perform a full closing, all open orders (unless Allow open during closing reporting is enabled for the order) must be completed. After a full closing incremental order numbers and work item numbers are reset.

1. Expenses

Specify, if any expenses, that have been paid from the cash register

2. Ending cash

Enter the amount of cash in the cash drawer(s) and the total credit card sales. If enabled, you can specify Cash out - the amount of cash to deduct from the cash drawer.

3. Overview

A review of the calculated cash and card sales versus the registered values. If there is a discrepancy it's possible to add a comment with an reason or explanation.

4. Complete

Full overview of the closing report. If you have no further changes you can press CONFIRM to save and submit the report.