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Quick start

First login

Press on your manager account and enter the PIN to access your system. If you decided to create your QUEUE Store with test data you will immediately be able to take your first order.


If you created your QUEUE Store without any test data, jump to our guide for setting up your first product Menu Quick start.

Take your first order

If you're on a tablet press on an order section (square), on a mobile device chose Order Sections and press on an order section.

First order

Add any numbers of items to the order and press Payment.


The order has now been executed and you can finalise the order by pressing Pay Now.


The order has been completed. Press complete to return to the main screen and create a new order.


Navigate to Settings => Menu and press + NEW CATEGORY. Add a category name and press Save.

New category

Select the newly created category and press + NEW PRODUCT. Give the product a name and price and press Save.

New product

Navigate back to the Main interface and create a new order. The newly created category and product are now available for ordering.

Quick order

What's next?

Review the User manual for more details about how to configure QUEUE to suit your needs.