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QUEUE lets you create customers that can be used to associate with orders. This is a convenient way to quickly identify repeat customers, their details including comments and payment details. Furthermore, you can access advanced reporting on a customer level including total sales, latest order and order list.


Some customer details are dependent on other features such as electronic invoice integration and may not be available for your store.

Customer information

Add the personal details about the customer. All fields are optional.

Electronic Invoice details

Specify either a company tax id or carrier id. These details will automatically be applied to an order when the customer is selected.

Loyalty programme

If the loyalty programme module is enabled for your store you'll be able to toggle a customer as a loyalty customer.

A loyalty customer can have a expiration date and you are able to specify a default discount that will always be enabled when selecting a customer.


New customers can be created through out the order flow by selecting New Customer when selecting a customer