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Create your inventory group and item here. Inventory items can connect with menus to be deducted from the total amount after each sale.

Container Group

Create different inventory group here to categorize your items.

Inventory container

Create different inventory items to integrate with menu items as well as process stock count.

NameProduct name, for example ham, egg, milk, Arabica beans
Container TypeSelect appropriate container type for this item
Capacity/containerThis option is only available when Mass or Volume is selected. Please enter the capacity of the item here. For example, if there are 500ml in a bottle of milk, please enter 500 here.
Default PriceEnter the cost per container of this item. It will be used to calculate the total cost of currently on hand and sold items.
Currently on HandInitial on hand amount of the item. It will not be included in the purchase history. This column can be left empty and will not be able to edit after save.