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Your menu will live in this section of QUEUE. You will enter, customize, and edit all your offerings here. A menu in QUEUE consists of a set of categories that you set and a list of products under each category. For example, your categories could be Appetizers, Sandwiches, Entrees, Desserts, and Beverages, and your products would be the different items you serve under each category. Each product will have at least one variant. A variant is any variation in the product such as size or flavor. Customers will browse products, but it is a variant that is added to a current order that creates a line item.

Categories, products, and variants can all be sorted by long pressing on the item, dragging, and dropping the item in your desired location of the list it is in.


You can make edits to a category by selecting the category you want and pressing the pencil icon in the heading to the right of the category name. Any product options you select here will apply to all products under this category.

Product optionsEnable product options to select the available product option categories or variants to this category. You will need to have first created your custom product options in the product options section of your settings.
Designate worklistIf you want executed items to be sent to a specific work list, turn on this option and select the desired worklist from the drop down list. You must have first created your worklists in the worklist section of your settings
HideSelect the hide option to hide the category from the Menu interface
Custom colorYou can select a custom color for each category by pressing on the desired color.
TagsSelect the tags option to enable tags. Then select individual tags from your list of previously created tags to associate this category with one or more tags. Tags are shortcuts available in the menu navigator allowing you to quickly filter the categories based on your needs

The product options you apply to each category can be overridden on a product level by editing the individual product.


Create a new product by pressing on "+ New Product" under the selected category heading. Make edits to a product you've already created by selecting the product and pressing on the pencil icon in the heading to the right of the product name.

NameEnter the product name
DescriptionAn optional description of the product. This is primarily used for external platform integrations
Designate worklist for productSpecify what worklist this product will be allocated to when it is executed
Automatically show optionsAutomatically show product options when order the product
Product options for productOverride the default product options designated at the category level for this product
Disable service chargeWhen this product is added to the cart, the product will not be included in the service charge calculation
Exclude from ChecklistProduct will not be printed on the checklist.
Exclude from receiptProduct will not be printed on the receipt. Note that this option will automatically set the price to 0
Hide productThe product will not be shown in the category view when taking an order. If the product is part of a combo, it will still be available as a combo option
Custom color for productSpecify a custom color indicator for this product


When creating a new product, you will automatically create a variant for that product. You can add additional variants for a given product at any time by clicking into the product and pressing on "+ New Variant" at the top of the page. This allows you to add additional sizes or variations to the product.

Common options

NameName of variant such as Small, Medium, Large, or Vegetarian, Beef, Chicken, etc
PriceThe price of this variant of the product
HideHide this variant of the product. If all product variants are hidden, the product will not show up in the menu to add it to order

Single item

A standalone variant

Exclude from worklistThis variant will not be added to any worklists and no worklist item ticket will be printed
Do not allow discountsDisable any price modifier for this product even if discounts are enabled and the staff has price modifier permissions
Internal product codeA code used for reporting data across products and categories. A user defined code that can be shared between variants across different categories and products. The internal product code will be available when exporting sales data

Combo Item

Combo items are special variant types that can bundle multiple items in a single variant. Items can either be optional or added automatically depending on your needs.

Designate all items to this combo item worklistAll combo items associated with this variant will be assigned to the same worklist as this variant regardless of the configuration for the combo variant
Inherit service charge from combo itemCombo item variant service charge settings will be overridden with the setting of this product when added as part of this combo
Hide combo sub-items from receipt when sub-item price is 0Exclude a sub-item line item from the receipt when it's a part of this combo and the price of the sub-item is 0

Combo group

A combo group is your custom set of variants that can be selected as a part of a combo. You can add additional combo groups by pressing "+ Add Combo Group." A combo group can have different max and min rules for variants allowing for creation of unique combo items. A combo group must contain at least one variant.

Automatically add variantsAll variants in this combo group are automatically added after you add this item to the order. A quantity option can be specified for each variant
NameName of the combo group
At leastMinimum number of items that must be added for this combo group
At mostMaximum number of items that can be added for this combo group

Press +VARIANTS to see a list of non-combo variants that can be associated with this combo group. Select the variants that should be available. When a variant is selected a check mark will be visible. Pressing the variant again will remove it from the combo group. When all necessary variants have been selected press UPDATE VARIANTS to save the combo group.


The price for each variant when part of this combo group can be specified. If left empty the additional price for this item will be 0.

For each combo variant, it's possible to enable "Allow multiple options" to allow the combo variant to be added multiple times at checkout.