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Product Options

Product options let you create and reuse frequently used options across different categories and products when you enable the feature. An example of when you would use a product option is when you want to designate that the item is to go, or to indicate the ice level for an order.

Each product option is grouped into a product option group for convenience and you can create as many product option groups and product options as you would like. For example, a product option group could be salad dressing, and the product options would be ceasar, balsamic, and thousand island.

On a Category or Product level, you can attach one or more product option groups that will then be available when taking an order. Simply enable the feature when creating or editing a menu category or an individual product under a category.

NameSpecify a name for this product option group. This name will be show when attaching product option groups to categories or products
Custom ColorSelect this option to allow for a custom color for this product option group. It can be useful to assign different colors to make it easier to find a product option group at a glance


If enabled, at least one product option in this group must be selected when taking an order

Max quantity*

When enbaled, you can designate a maximum number of product options that can be selected from this group.

POS vs External*

External options are specific for external platforms. This lets you customize the name and description for different platforms and services.


*Currently this only applies to external platforms like Uber Eats and foodpanda

Product option

Product options are options that fall under a product option group. These options can be selected when taking an order.

NameSpecify a name for this product option
Price or Discount %This will let you automatically modify the price of a line item. If a price is specified - can be any positive or negative value, the line item will be modified by this price. If instead Discount % is used, the line item will automatically calculate and apply a percentage discount
Allow multiple optionsThe same product option can be selected multiple times
Internal product codeA code used for reporting data across products and categories. A user defined code that can be shared between variants across different categories and products. The internal product code will be available when exporting sales data
Designate worklistIf you want executed items to be sent to a specific work list, turn on this option and select the desired worklist from the drop down list. You must have first created your worklists in the worklist section of your settings
Enable sub optionsThis will allow you to create sub options under a product option
Inventory managementWhen enabled, a product option will sync with one or more inventory containers