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Worklists allow you to direct work items to the correct printer or KDS when an order is executed. After you create a worklist, you can associate either a category, product, or product option with this worklist. All work tickets will then appear in this worklist.


NameThe name will appear on QUEUE's main screen if the worklist interface has been turned on
Designate printerChoose if items in this worklist should print to a printer other than the default worklist printer
Print countSpecify how many ticket copies should be printed when a new ticket is created for this worklist. If no value is set, the default value will be 1 copy
Customize printChange to have tickets on this worklist override the default worklist print type
Worklist typeSelect the worklist print type you want to enable instead of the default worklist print type
Add worklist printerIf you want items to be printed on multiple printers, specify the additional destination printer and worklist print type